The Delicate Balance of Life

Have you ever thought about how the extinction of a single species can have a negative impact on our world?

When a species is threatened with extinction, entire ecosystems and other species are deeply affected. We may feel that this cannot really affect us individually, that somehow we are not part of all of this. But the truth is that we simply cannot interfere with nature without disastrous consequences for all life, including human life.

Each species indirectly protects many other species within a given ecosystem or ecological community. It is similar to a human community, which provides for the protection and survival of people within its habitat. Everyone has to do their part. They all have a vital role to play. There is a give and take. It is the same for every other species and every habitat.

But we also have to go beyond these narrow boundaries to relate to the whole. The sustenance we need to survive critically depends on the welfare and health of other species and their habitats. It always requires a give and take; for humans this means acquiring a kind respect and understanding for life and a care for the earth.

In the natural order of things, a harmonious balance already exists between all living species: human, animal, marine and plant life. But the human race has broken this sacred chain of life. Humanity is the only species that lives almost entirely through its thinking mind, at the expense of the heart. We have been given a great gift: the gift of conscious awareness, the ability to come out of ourselves and bear witness to our self. The time has come for us to take the responsibility that comes with that gift.

We are all interconnected, but we humans don’t see it; we have lost the memory of how to see. We no longer know how to connect to the whole, nor what it means to live in harmony with the rhythm and harmony of all things; or what it means to function more from the heart as well as from the mind.

There are many ongoing efforts to protect endangered species and conservation planning efforts to protect and restore lost habitats, such as the World Wild Life Fund and the Conservation Planning Institute. But it is a universal shift of consciousness that is needed now for the survival of this planet. And this can only happen through humans.