The Law of Attraction – Life is Always in Motion, So I Cannot Be “Stuck”

We are energy, vibrational beings, in a vibrational universe with the law of attraction as the captain of our ship. Sometimes my clients or friends will talk about the idea of ​​feeling stuck because things don’t move for them. “I don’t feel like I’m going anywhere,” is how they might say. This is especially true if they are a little older in age and think their life is going on without them feeling happy or satisfied.

And what I know to be true is that we can never get stuck because we are energy, vibrational beings who are always in motion. What happens when we have this feeling of being stuck is that we are telling the same old story over and over again. Along with this old story are the same feelings and so even though it looks like we’re stuck, we’re not, we just keep telling the same story and then get the same results.

In order for things to change the way we would like them to change, we need to shift our state of FEELING. Yes, you heard me, it’s all about our emotions. Since this is a vibrational universe that responds to our emotions, if we want things to be different, we need to move to a place of better sensations.

Now, this may not sound difficult and it really isn’t, but what holds people back is sloppy thinking practiced. We are so used to how we feel, that we think it’s normal. But in all cases, if we are not getting the desired results, it means one thing and one thing only, we are not moving towards our expanded self. We are holding back from what we naturally want of our EMOTIONAL STATE.

This is a universe based on the law of attraction, the most powerful law in the universe and everything that is coming into our lives is what we have attracted through our EMOTIONS. Our emotions attract to us everything that manifests itself in our reality. We are the creators of our own reality, whether we are aware of it or not.

So, to feel good about where we are, we need to work to improve our emotional state. We can start by deciding to achieve those things that make us feel good every day. Most of us are responding to our own circumstances rather than focusing on what makes us feel good. The more we do this, the more things will change for us. Have fun with this, turn it into a game and then watch in amazement how things change for you.

I’m going to share a game I play that is so much fun. I live in the Canadian Rockies, my favorite place in the world and every day I go out for a hike and expect to see wildlife. This is something that thrills me to no end. And so, I go out with the intention that today I will see wildlife and inevitably I will see wildlife every day.

Today, for example, I went out and on my way home from my hike, three white-tailed deer crossed my path, right in front of me. It was literally like they were planted there just for me. They passed with such grace and ease. I looked at the universe with great joy and said “thank you”, and then I felt so great knowing that I co-created this experience through my thoughts and emotions. The universe and I were literally co-creators of this creation. We are really powerful enough to make things like that happen. Believe me, it may sound strange but that’s how it works.